Einjar’s Effigy

Level 6 Wood Effigy


Owner: Einjar Stonecutter


Attribute Rune Meaning
Mental Eihwaz Distance
Sowsun Light
Spiritual Cansuz Death
Uruz Strength
Level Essence Destiny
6 4 1
Size Base Move Combat Move
2 2 3
Skill Difficulty Notes
Endurace – 2 Difficulty +0, Physical Keep up strenuous activity longer than humanly possible
Sense Motive Difficulty +0, Spiritual Sense hidden motives by reading body language
Sneak Difficulty +0, Physical Move around undetected by sound, sight, or smell

War Gear

Item DF x Reach x Notes Meta Special
Item PF x Parry +x Notes

Active Powers

Rune Power Type Meta Effect
Eihwaz Meadows of Vanagard {Spell Song} Amplify Area Open PF +1 M, Evade +1 and Heal +2
Sowsun Ode to Vanagard {Spell Song} Open Amplify Area Heal +4 and reduce a condition Intensity by 1
Cansuz Evasive Maneuver {Interrupt} Amplify Amplify Amplify Weak Defend action with +1 Parry and +1 Evade
Uruz Backstab {Maneuver} Amplify Multi Weapon Attack from behind with +3 P damage

Passive Powers

Power Type Effect Applied?
Fleet Footed {Feat} Move actions gain 1-hex (5’) Yes
Incite Strife {Feat} During Upkeep, +1 Taunt No
Unbreakable Body {Feat} When Bloodied, gain PF +1 P and Parry +1 No
Unbreakable Mind {Feat} When Bloodied, gain PF +1 M No

Einjar’s Effigy

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